Sebs Studio

Closed Until Further Notice

What happened?

Many factors caused Sebs Studio to close for the moment. One of them being family and not having a lot of time to get Sebs Studio moving again.

The only thing I managed to get time to do was update one of the free plugins WooCommerce Coming Soon and release two new small free plugins WooCommerce Display Products by Tags and WooCommerce Customer Notes to Completed Order Email.

Do you think Sebs Studio will re-launch?

I hope so but at the moment it might not be this year.

Can I still download your plugins?

All previous versions of Sebs Studio products are freely available on GitHub and on but support will not be provided and most likeley won't work with the latest WP and WC!

Can I still be notified for updates?

Yes you can. Simply place your name and email address below and I will notify you when I start again.

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