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A new release is coming soon

This site is currently under construction.

What is the new release?

The new release will be a complete re-write of the plugins that have been developed so far so that they are compatible with the latest changes made in WooCommerce.

We also have new plugins that have been in the making and will release them after the re-writes.

Also Priority Support will be available for the free plugins to those who really want it.

Why only WooCommerce and not Jigoshop also?

We are no longer developing any new Jigoshop extensions purely because there has not been enough interest for them. We will however provide updates to the current plugins that have been released for Jigoshop up to 31st December 2014. After that we will be focused on WooCommerce alone.

Can I be notified when you release the new site?

Sure, you can follow Sebs Studio via the social networks above or you can place your name and email address below to subscribe to our newsletter.

Can I contribute?

Absolutely. Weither your a developer or a user you can contribute either by submitting code to the free plugins that is on our GitHub or you can ask to be invited to our ideas board, tell us what you would like to use on WooCommerce and we will see what we can come up with together.

What is available now?

All previous versions of Sebs Studio products is freely available on GitHub and on but support will not be provided!

Can I be a beta tester?

Yes you can. Testing products out before public release is always the best way of getting feedback and making sure that it works with your sites. Simply place your name and email address below and we will notify everyone when we start to beta test our products and how you can be a part of that.

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