Donate to Sebs Studio

You have arrived on my donation page. I assume you arrived here because you would like to give me a gift in one form or another for doing a great job and would like to support my work so I can keep developing more plugins.

Amazon Wish List – My list of items I require and would like.

PayPal –  Just want to send over a few euros? You can do that too.

Other ways you can “donate”

You definitely don’t have to get me something. You can donate your time or skills back to the community. Here are some things you can do.

Translate a Plugin – Do you know another language other than English? Then please be kind enough to share your translation of one of my plugins.

Write a Plugin Review –  These are helpful as they spread the word about my plugins so more users know about it.

Support Forum – Help out others on the support forum. Some questions can even be answered by the newest users.

Give Me Feedback – Your praises and criticisms. Anything you might have to say is really important, don’t keep it to yourself, let me know.

Spread The Word – Like me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, share some links to my site, tell about me to your friends and colleagues so my connections can grow.